Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Weekly" schedule

I put weekly in quotes because my housework rotation is not the same every week. That is, the work for Monday is not the same every week. I have five tasks that rotate over Monday-Saturday, so what I've done on Saturday is next done the following Friday, and so forth.

My tasks are cleaning, errands, mending, ironing, and baking. I generally do a load of laundry every morning, fit in among my other doings.

Cleaning: we change sheets, put things away, dust, wash the floors, put out clean placemats, clean the bathrooms, and my DH usually runs the vaccuum.

Errands: as you'd expect, this means grocery shopping, library, post office, and any other shopping that needs to be done. Often a long morning!

Mending- as laundry comes clean and I find something that requires work, it goes in a basket in our room. Buttons sewed on, socks and teeshirts darned, jeans patched, seams sewn up, and shoes polished.

Ironing- I do iron more than many, I suppose. Pillowcases, many clothes, and the napkins always are pressed.

Baking- As needed; I try to be sure to keep us in bread, muffins, and cookies. Yesterday we had chocolate chip muffins from a new cookbook (not the 1953 one) given me by my aunt for Christmas.

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Elizabeth said...

Great schedule ideas!