Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two weeks' Junior Cookbook Thursday- Oven-fried Chicken and Lemon Pie

Bluebonnet was exceedingly helpful with supper tonight. The Oven-Fried Chicken consisted of breading the chicken with crushed potato chips, which were mixed with garlic powder and pepper. By themselves that tasted good! If we ever make this again, however, I'll buy baked chips instead of ordinary ones, because there was just too much grease in this. Maybe that wouldn't have fazed Grandmother in 1958 but it sure bothered me! (No offense meant to my grandmothers!) At any rate, Bluebonnet crushed the chips and actually did a fair job dipping the chicken in the breading. We served the chicken with a mixture of green beans and carrots.

Last week was a bit crazy with my in-laws and nephew coming, so the Lemon Pie that should have been that week's Junior Cookbook attempt never happened. No matter, it came around today.
The pie has a crumb crust. Because the graham crackers that were on sale when I bought some were the cinnamon type, I omitted the sugar from the crumb crust and used those. Bluebonnet loved crushing up the crackers and stirring together the crust ingredients. When it came time to make the filling she made a valiant attempt to squeeze the juice from a lemon. That takes more strength than she posesses! We had one whole lemon, of which we used both zest and juice. The rest was from the jar of lemon juice. The filling also comprised of egg and condensed milk. It turned out a little more of a custard than a pie, but it tastes tood.


Elizabeth said...

It all sounds yummy.

If you like a less greasy oven-fried chicken effect, Bisquick and spices or cornflakes and spices does the job.

Civilla said...

Hi, Wenonah. What links did you have trouble clicking on? I'll see if I can help. My e-mail is

greer said...

Chicken fried in potato chips? Sounds very healthy. ;)

Wenonah4th said...

What can I say, it was 1958! By the 1978 edition there's a corn-flake chicken that I assume replaces this one.