Thursday, October 30, 2008

Feminine Wardrobe

Janel at Becoming Janel had a post a couple days ago about adding accessories to our wardrobes to avoid the frumpiness and find what we like. I was thinking, after reading that, that we women at home actually have a great deal of freedom in what we wear. Within our own family's standards of modesty (and cost) we can wear whatever we'd like, and be as ecclectic as we please. This last is especially true of my own wardrobe and always has been. Of course, it took me until college when someone pointed that out (as a compliment) to notice that I really was that way. I suppose "what I like" is just pretty broad!

You should enjoy almost everything you wear, whether it's simple or elaborate, choring clothes or dressy clothes, something new or vintage, or totally unlike anything you've ever worn before. If you sew, you might have found that a certain pattern is one you make over and over. Next time, make it in a fabric that just catches your eye and isn't like anything else you have. I've done this with a dress that I've made in everything from light yellow flowered print to grey corduroy strewn with vintage buttons.

We have such freedom, to follow or ignore fashions as we please! And don't you think that we bring more glory to God when we feel like ourselves in what we're wearing?