Thursday, July 31, 2008

Junior Cookbook Thursdays

We have in our posession two different editions of the Better Homes and Gardens Junior Cookbook, the one my mother had from 1958, and my own, which I got in 1988 but was published in 1978 (got that?). Unfortunately the most recent edition is utterly hideous, cartoony and such. Anyway, every Thursday we make something from one of the two. For now this is mostly just something that *I* do for fun, but it's going to grow into Bluebonnet's earliest hands-on lessons in cooking. So, each week when we've had our Junior Cookbook Thursday I'll post about it- now if I can just figure out how to classify those posts as such!

Today's was Cherry Fill-ups, from the 1958 book. It used refrigerator biscuits, jam, and a mixture of egg, sugar and milk for a glaze. Bluebonnet helped by poking the indentations for the jam to go in the biscuits. They were fairly good but the smell of the baking biscuits lingered far longer than I expected.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Current sewing projects

I have to admit that I was a Jill-come-lately to sewing. I grew up with my mother doing plenty for herself and for me, but it was (ahem) into high school before I took any great interest in the Singer in my own right. Handwork is another story; I started with cross stitch somewhere around junior high and never stopped at that. Usually I have at least two projects under construction.

Right now I'm making a light purple blouse for myself, from a pattern I've made once before. I detest making ties, however, so that part is taking a while!

The more exciting project is the wedding sampler for my lifelong best friend and her future husband. I'm using the same design as the one that my Knight and I have, so it'll be a special thing for the two couples to have so similar.
Pictures will follow soon.


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