Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Current sewing projects

I have to admit that I was a Jill-come-lately to sewing. I grew up with my mother doing plenty for herself and for me, but it was (ahem) into high school before I took any great interest in the Singer in my own right. Handwork is another story; I started with cross stitch somewhere around junior high and never stopped at that. Usually I have at least two projects under construction.

Right now I'm making a light purple blouse for myself, from a pattern I've made once before. I detest making ties, however, so that part is taking a while!

The more exciting project is the wedding sampler for my lifelong best friend and her future husband. I'm using the same design as the one that my Knight and I have, so it'll be a special thing for the two couples to have so similar.
Pictures will follow soon.

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