Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coffee and Tea

Elizabeth posted about serving coffee and tea today. That was a cozy post for a grey, rainy, generally icky day (at least, that's what we had here.)

I am the proud owner of a Reverware percolator, courtesy of Mimi (my third grandmother, as it were). She didn't intend to give it to me- I just managed to be visiting when she was clearing out her cabinets and she didn't want it anymore. Well! Am I ever glad she didn't want it! The percolator makes wonderful coffee, far better than what comes from a drip pot. It stays hot when freshly made, too, for quite a while. When we make a pot of all-decaf (when company comes for dessert) it's hard to tell that it is all decaf, which would be obvious in drip-made coffee.

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Elizabeth said...

I've been wanting to try a percolator, which was what my late mother used to make coffee when I was growing up. I wonder if it might still be at my father's house somewhere. What a lovely thing to have from your grandmother.