Monday, January 5, 2009

A rather unpleasant experience

Last night about 6 I was getting supper ready when there was a banging at the door. Someone who I suppose must live downstairs but whom I've never seen scolded me to "get my kids to be quieter" because they were "tired of running and jumping all day long" and their "pictures were shaking".
By the time he'd finished telling me all this, Bluebonnet had followed me to the door, and I responded that if he'd like to tell my two-year-old daughter that she may not run or jump, to go ahead. Not too surprisingly, he didn't speak to her.
He managed to pick the one evening in a hundred that my husband was out for several hours, so I was the one to have to deal with this nonsense. My husband talked, this morning, to the people in the leasing office here and they told us to forget it. There have apparantly been a lot of noise complaints going on all over the complex. They agreed with him that a single 25-pound toddler (yes, she's tiny!) couldn't shake pictures by running around in her stocking feet on a carpeted floor.
I'm still a little afraid that we'll have a repeat performance of this some time.

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Lady Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! A lot has changed for me in 10 years and I'm MUCH less fussy-frilly now. LoL! I'm craving the simple life more and more. Tell your hubby thanks for fighting for us!