Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Once-a-Year Citrus Cake

Every year for about ten years I've made a certain "Rainbow Citrus Cake" some time in the spring. I can't really call it a tradition, because it has moved around from one occasion to another over the years. I think the first time I made it was for Mother's Day, and then it stayed as a Memorial Day staple for several years. 2008 saw it grace a PEO luncheon table.
I've been making desserts every week for the Wednesday suppers at our church here in Virginia, and I plan to make the citrus cake for tomorrow. There's nothing special about tomorrow, as compared to any other Wednesday, but I want to get a chance to make it once here.
To describe it as "once-a-year" may be a bit misleading, because I try so many new recipes that very few things are made more than once in any given year. Something that does get made each year is usually a favorite, and those that are several times a year are definite favorites.
The citrus cake is labor-intensive, and the finished product doesn't freeze well, which is why it has to be for a group. A tricy part is dividing the batter into thirds and getting them even! Each third gets a different citrus rind and color to match. The filling between layers is lemon, and the frosting is orange.

I think I'll make up some part of it this afternoon.


Dot the Terrible said...

That sounds awesome-and well worth the effort! And it's making me hungry for proper American cake...with icing...
(yes, it's your favorite cousin in France)

Wenonah4th said...

Dot, you're my only cousin in France! Besides, I figured out that screen name in an instant. Is it your usual? It should be.

I hear you're coming home ere long; how soon?

Nabby said...

Yikes! It's Dot the Terrible! !!!! We'll make you a proper cake with icing while your home.*

Wenonah- Of course technically she's also your least favorite cousin in France though since I skip over that when I call her my favorite sister in France, you could too:) I think I've had had this cake before? Does your mother make it at times?
Happy Easter, since I guess we aren't seeing you on Sunday!