Friday, April 17, 2009

Junior Cookbook Thursday- Hotdog Wrapups

The 1978 edition has several variations on how to prepare and serve hot dogs. Maybe they were particularly popular in the 70s, but I'm too young to remember!
This recipe had the advantage of using bread instead of regular rolls, and since we're trying to make food come out as even as possible before moving, anything that doesn't require buying anything additional is good.
Cheese went on the bread, then the hotdogs, and they were baked after having the bread held closed with toothpicks. It's pretty quick, and it makes a slightly different taste to the frankfurters than when they are boiled or grilled.
I thought of my mother's old favorite broiled cheese sandwiches when some of the edges of the cheese were browned. That was never something I cared for, however, but she does! I thought the finished product was all right, not stellar but reasonable.

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Nabby said...

So were the hotdogs baked or broiled? It certainly sounds interesting either way.

I know those sandwiches you're talking about. Grams makes them a lot in the summer. I sort of like them, but only when they have no tomato on them. My mother loves them too.(Hmm, our mothers must be related :)