Monday, November 17, 2008

Building relationships and keeping in touch

Apparently I had a good idea.

In a discussion in an email group about building relationships in fellowship in our churches, I suggested a way of starting. My idea was to start at the beginning of a church's directory and try to call everyone in turn. If the first family doesn't answer this time, leave a message and call the next (that is, if no one answers at the Alberts' house, call the Andersons, and so on).

The same thing could apply by sending little notes or postcards to everyone. You could also do this for keeping in touch with other friends or the people in a club.

At any rate, my suggestion was well-received.

Why is it that I can come up with ideas when someone else needs a solution to a problem, but I have few ideas for myself? I'm notorious for this! My mother has gotten all kinds of interesting solutions, from decoration ideas to programs for PEO, that way.


Elizabeth said...

I like your suggestion about going through the directory and reaching out in some way to everyone. How thoughtful!

Anytime you have your post on moving ready, just let me know. You can post it on your blog and I can link to it, or I can post it on mine. Either way is fine with me.

Elizabeth said...

P.S. There's a great new book out called, "One Another: Transformational Relationships in the Body of Christ." I think it costs about $10.00. We know the authors, so they gave us a copy. I've just started it, but a skim of it lets me know it contains lots of great ideas for relationships.