Monday, August 11, 2008

In case you haven't heard already

I was very glad I didn't call it a night earlier last night! The men's 4x100 freestyle race took place around 10:15 and I would have been sorry I missed that. Certainly there's almost nothing that isn't already being said in the articles! "Exciting" doesn't begin to cover what it was like to watch that race. The French had gone boasting, and they had their boasts sent right back, marked return-to-sender along with the silver medals.

The other teams certainly swam well, and all but the last couple finishers know that their teams beat the previous world record. The winning time was almost four seconds faster than the earlier record. This was not a shabby swim for any of the men competing; however, it definitely was between the Americans and the French from the first men off the starting blocks.

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