Saturday, August 2, 2008

How the party went

One of the things I love the most about the Orthodox Presybterian Church is that in addition to being a very sound, theologically, church, it's also a small world. We have found ourselves instantly connecting with everyone we meet within the OPC, to a greater degree than when we meet other Christians of other denominations. I don't doubt that many others love the Lord, but something about the OPC's size makes it that much more wonderful.

That's all prelude to the fact that the other family who came today for Bluebonnet's birthday are an Army chaplain's family, and he's one of not very many OPC chaplains in the Army. My Knight had never met any of this family, but by the end of the evening the two gentlemen were discussing theology like old friends.

The party itself went nicely. My Knight cooked steaks and bratwursts on the grill, we had raw veggies, jello, chips, and of course a birthday cake. The kids played in the sprinklers and I was crazy enough to fill several dozen water balloons for them to enjoy.

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