Friday, August 1, 2008

Frugal Friday- let others be frugal too!

Bluebonnet's turning 2 next week, adn since she's our first, this is our first little foray into the world of having a "friends" birthday party. Actually it's reallly going to be a cookout with a birthday cake; one other family whose youngest daughter is just about the same age will come tomorrow.
So- the frugal aspect here is that we specifically told the other family that we don't want any presents for Bluebonnet. We don't want extra stuff (combined effects of over-buying grandmother & frequent moves!) and I don't want the other family (or anyone else) to have to go to the expense of a gift because they've been invited. I plan to consistently have no-gifts-please friends' parties for our children. Whether in future, when more of the children attending are the same age, we have any kind of party favors, remains to be seen. I do plan on trying to get some pinwheels today for them to play with tomorrow.

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