Monday, March 30, 2009

Ugh, the moving gear-up

The Army life is, in a word, transient. People are forever asking me if I miss that place or I'm looking forward to that place. Well, here's the thing: when we love something about a given place, we only have the chance to enjoy that for about two years. If there is something we really can't stand about a place, we only have to put up with it for about two years. (Just call us Alec Bings. And I tip my bonnet to anyone who recognizes that reference. That includes you, "nabby", which ought to be your screen name.)

The part that is troublesome is the actual process of moving. We have to decide what goes into the vehicles we drive, mark those with labels saying "do not ship" and otherwise try to help have the process streamlined. The lovely organizational tips people have for DIY moves (as Michelle Duggar described in their new book) aren't any help when movers take your things out of your storage boxes and put them in their own boxes! The best we can do is to put like with like and consolidate. We stack pictures from the walls on the guest bed. We put all the knick-knacks in the china cabinet, bag up outgrown clothes, etc. It's a nuisance either way, although I'm definitely glad we don't have to move our large items of furniture around ourselves.

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Nabby said...

A smashingly brilliant idea! (Did you get the refrence there?) The screen name I mean. I did get the reference. How could I not? Good luck with the moving! Ooh, I can't forget! HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!! (A few days early, but better early than late.) Since I'm using a screen name I don't mind if you publish this. It was only when I used my real name that I minded. :)